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Oh dear god…

Cindy Littlefair, parent, activist, friend, and editor of Shambala Sun wrote this blushworthy blog for the Heralds website…. *cringe* 🙂 The Near North by :: Cindy Littlefair Birth of a District Posted by: Cindy Littlefair 01/31/2007 07:59AM Anyone consuming local media in the last few months would have come across stories to do with the proposed closure of three peninsula –more–

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Public Consultation, not whitewash.

Mr Windsor, Minister Casey, It was with a some surprise and frustration that I recently received an email and then handout from HRSB staff announcing that the meeting between the Superintendent Carol Olsen and the SAC members from three Halifax schools slated for closure is being billed as a “Community Consultation.” I have attached the document being circulated to the –more–