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Why We Fight: A Primer on Recent NS Political History

My father was in the Navy, and his career bounced us from Ottawa, to Halifax, to Toronto, back and forth, for years, and then later, to Norfolk and London, England. While I spent half my youth living in Dartmouth, I spent the other half being conditioned by my mother to love Nova Scotia and miss home when we lived away.



Marnie and I had a great night out at Nocturne in Halifax October 16, 2010. These are some pictures I took with our $79 HP camera, ISO 400, no flash, usually balanced on a stable fixed object as the shutter would hang open for 2-3-4 seconds.

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Website Update

I have been having a lot of fun learning the ins and outs of WordPress 3.0.  This new theme on Halifax Politics dot ca is amazing, most of what I love about it works automatically with WP 3.0 support. I have also discovered a one stop shop for commenting and comment authentication called DISQUS.  Very very cool, threaded comments, spam –more–


But, what if it rains? Concerts in HRM Part 2

This is not the first time your faithful scribe has written about concerts in opposite land. Now our special east coast brand of concert socialism has bent both the market and audience expectations like a five dimensional pretzel. That’s right, like Star Trek, things are so bent out of shape we need an extra dimension to even map out how –more–