Expenses to March 2013

A quick update.  Three new PDFs are in my expense folder online.

One is for $49.63 in travel in December that I had misplaced.  Thanks to my admin Lynn for finding it so we could post it.

One if for the CSA work boots I mentioned in my last post – $114.99

Last months claim for $122.46 in travel related expenses.

In other news, since I do not bring my car downtown I turned over my parking pass to city hall, saving $150 a month.  The space is being held onto but is being used as a “swing space” by both the Council & Mayor’s office for the many occasions where a space is needed, this is cheaper than paying the daily rate.

Updated expenses

  • Travel Nov-Dec 12   $28.47
  • Travel Dec – $49.63
  • Travel Jan 13 $77.97
  • Travel Feb 13 $145.09
  • Steel toe shoes: $114.99
  • Feb OLA Conference $400.05
  • Travel March: $122.46
  • TOTAL TO DATE $938.66 or $539.61 without the conference.
  • pauldoerwald

    As a taxpayer in your district, I’m okay with you spending more money. If you exceed an order of magnitude more, I might start to wonder, but I consider this level of spending unrealistically low.

    • That is very kind! I am okay with spending more money if warranted and promise that if it is needed to get the job done, I will do it. Coming up there is FCM in Vancouver, UNSM in Yarmouth – these will be significant, and there may be some trips out of HRM or even around HRM that will cost some money. But on a day to day basis – I am lucky to have city hall in my district, I can bike and walk to work, I take the bus, and people are happy to come meet me in my office, so my expenses are pretty negligible!

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