The votes are in & District 7 residents have decided how to spend $92,000

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A busy night sees six projects received full funding & four more receive partial funding

District 7 – Peninsula South Downtown residents gathered tonight to discuss and vote on what community projects will make the biggest difference in their community.  Citizens had been invited by area Councillor Waye Mason to determine spending priorities for this years $92,000 district capital budget.

 “This was a great opportunity to engage citizens in a real way that has immediate results,” said Mason. “I am especially pleased to see that two proposals that impact all of HRM (Halifax Regional Search and Rescue and Veith House) and not just district 7 were chosen for full funding.  This shows yet again how residents of HRM can see the importance of strong regional programs that benefit all districts.”

Each resident was provided a ballot and allowed to vote on five projects.  Over 120 residents participated in the discussion with project sponsors and voted throughout the course of the evening.

Residents voted to provide full funding for the following six projects:  Downtown Halifax Business Commission for $20,000 for benches on Barrington; Veith House with $5000 for Veith House Explosion Memorial Garden Clean-Up, St Mary Elementary with $30.000 for the Spencer Park St. Mary’s Active Living Initiative; Dalhousie Student Union for $3089.62 for bike repair stands; Halifax Regional Search and Rescue Team for $3000 towards a replacement vehicle, and Spencer House Today Café with $5000 of the Back to the Garden Backyard Patio.

There was a four way tie and the remaining money was divided equally, $6250 each to the following proposals: Independent Living Nova Scotia for; Downtown Halifax Business Commission for Argyle Street Animation Project; Chebucto Community Net for the server upgrade, and Spring Garden Area Business Association for Light up the Side Streets.

Proposals will now be vetted by HRM staff and pending policy and due diligence by staff organizations should receive their funding in two to four weeks.

Residents can find more information on the process and meetings visit the website:


  • Ken Donnelly

    I was very impressed with the projects, the people proposing them, and the excitement in the room. So many positives beyond just the funding selection. There was great dialog, awareness-building and networking amongst a whole bunch of people doing unselfish work to build a better community. I will never forget the excitement of one of the project proponents I had spoken at length with. On the way out she came over to me and said “We got full funding!” She was overjoyed.

    Congrats Waye on the success of your risky endeavour. And congrats to all of those proponents and people who came by, listened and voted.

  • Mat Whitman

    Waye to go Waye!! #HRM13

  • Celeste Rosnok

    How about not wasting it on a stupid fence dispute. One erected to keep a toddler SAFE!!!! How about you CONTACT people who have to “compromise” to reach one and CALL the person back when they try to contact YOU to reach said compromise. Let the nice lady keep her fence to keep her children SAFE!!!! Unless of course you are AGAINST keeping young children safe IN THEIR OWN YARD!!!!!!! Shame-Shame . Your Mother and Grand mother must be so proud of you fighting against a Mother trying to create a safe environment for her children to play.

    • The homeowner has been in contact with staff, and has been encouraged to start the process by making an application, which she has not yet done (to my knowledge). I have spoken to the home owner. I do not have any role in deciding if the fence stays are goes, you are mis-informed. The fence is subject to provincial laws and municipal bylaws and no politician has “power” to change that. I hope the home owner makes an application soon.

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