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Expenses updated to end of summer 2014

It has been a while since I posted expenses.  I’ve re-labelled them so they show up in order in the directory, below.  You can download the PDFs there. A summary: May-September 2013 – $129.84 September-November 2013 – $65.91 November-December 2013 – $60.31 January-February 2014 – $124.96 February-March 2014 – $124.96 March – July 2014 – $132.59 July – October 2014 – $0.00 This summer I have been pretty good about biking or walking to work, – read more –

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Update #18 – Residential Licensing, Accessibility, Bike Lanes and more

Residential licensing  We can expect a staff report this Fall regarding my motion to explore residential licensing in HRM for small unit buildings and converted homes.  The collapse of the deck on Brussels Street this last week is a prime example of why we need routine licensing and inspection.  I think we all agree it is only fair that property owners in Halifax comply with the land use and bylaws.  There must be consequences for – read more –