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Update #9 – Centre Plan and Green Network Plan released, more

News Not a lot of news right now – Centre Plan second draft should be available later today for consideration at the March 29 CDAC meeting, and the Green Network Functional Plan second phase (implimentation) has just been released.  Lots of exciting stuff to read, but not real comments from me yet, still reading these critical documents.  Let me know –more–

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Some speed data

Preston Street between Jennings Street and Watt Street –April –May 2016 16ATR146.pdf AAWT=1035 two way,437 northbound,597 southbound 85th percentile speed=46 KPH Average speed=34.6 KPH Preston Street between Norwood Street and York Street –May 2016 16ATR163.pdf AAWT= 2536 two way,1309 northbound,1227 southbound 85th percentile speed=46 KPH Average speed=36.4 KPH Vernon Street between Cedar Street and Jubilee Road –November-December.2016 16ATR575,pdf AAWT=3592 two –more–

News & Updates

Update #8 – Taxis, Participatory Budgeting 2017, upcoming events, more

NEWS TAXI APPEALS AND LICENSING MOTION I am pleased to let residents know HRM is taking action to tighten standards for taxis. My motion was passed unanimously & I would like to share my introduction to that motion: What citizens in HRM value is a taxi system that is safe for all. It is important that the public both know –more–