Election 2019 – resources, voting info

There will be a Federal Election October 21. As per the last few provincial and national elections I’ve put together this quick resource to help folks find out who is running in the Halifax District, and how to vote. In a couple days I will be contacting all four of these candidates to ask them some questions about how their party would support municipal priorities, and I will post that later. There are four parties – read more –

News & Updates

Hurricane Dorian recovery update 2 Sept 9 12 noon

A lot of the District 7 has gotten power back but there are still large areas without.  I will be touring the area with Mayor Savage and Deputy Fire Chief Bezanson at 2pm to get a better idea about the work in front of us.  NS Power will have new projected times later today (see below) Been getting a lot of calls about trees.  To be clear – municipal staff will be removing municipal (street & – read more –

News & Updates

Hurricane Dorian recovery update Sept 9 7:50pm

Hi folks, hope you and yours are doing as well as can be expected post hurricane. The municipality will come slowly back to life tomorrow but you can expect things to be late, and full of detours and unexpected delays. All cell towers have been restored so service should be improving shortly. Municipal clean-up operations are running around the clock, with the aid of extra contractors and the Canadian Armed Forces. The military is now – read more –