It is almost spring out there and it is time to start talking about summer activity in Gorsebrook Park.
At our meeting we talked about having a park clean up day, where the parents, the sports clubs and recreational users, and local community groups could all come together to clean, scrape, paint, brush and generally work to get the park ready for summer.
I am looking for help to get this organized, I can’t do it myself!  I am thinking start of June.  If your team or group wants to help with this, that would be great. I have some money for paint, supplies, and food.  We could organize a BBQ and ice cream and that kind of stuff. There were lots of ideas but now we need to put them into action.  I would love to hear from you!  
Lots of good stuff is happening in the park this year: 
This summer you will see new benches, an historical interpretive plaque, some benches, new signs at all four entrances.  We will also see work to regrade the path from Inglis into the park and put down new crusher dust, and the realignment of the path from Robie so it no longer goes through the tennis courts.
The soccer field should be open this year, which is also very exciting.
I am working with the Inglis Street PTA to fundraise some money to upgrade the playground.  Right now the playground has no accessible components and next year there will be two students with mobility issues.  Anyone who may be interested in helping with this project should contact me.



Thank you to the 25 or so folks who braved the hurricane like rain and winds to attend the Gorsebrook Park meeting in November.  The feedback is very valuable to me and to staff when it comes to crafting a strategy for the park.

I have uploaded the summary of the feedback from the meeting here.  Some themes are pretty clear!

I will work on coming up with a plan for 2016-17 in terms of community engagement, municipal upgrades, and other issues outlined in the report.  We may have a less formal meeting sometime in early spring to organize a park cleanup and painting party.

Again, thanks for your interest in Gorsebrook Park,



The results are in!  Below are the findings and proposed next steps for Inglis Street and Queen and Green Parks.

I would like to thank the 150+ people who participated, all the volunteers, but especially thank Paul Dec and Allison Myggland, who volunteered to facilitate both sessions, the whole time, and have been providing interesting ideas and insights the whole process.  Thanks everyone!


On Wednesday August 19 we set up a tent and played some funk and R&B music on a little boom box and asked people what they thought of Inglis Street Park.  What we heard was the park was comfortable and had a good image, that people like location but many didn’t know it was a park.  The park is underused and needs signage saying it is a park.  People wanted to volunteer to help clean up the park and make it more active.

Here is a summary table of the feedback:

Positives Negatives Suggestions
Green space People don’t know it’s a park, think it’s private property Add signage to let people know it’s a park
Shade Not enough seating Add more benches and picnic tables
Trees Not enough natural light getting through Trim Trees to allow more light
Quiet, relaxing More flowers/a garden
Close proximity to home Add an area for children to play, fence along busy street.
Hold more community events, especially local musicians
Approach Boneheads for a partnership

Next steps – I will be talking to volunteers, neighbouring businesses, and city staff about putting together a plan to revitalize this park.  I would like to do some work this fall, probably early October, and then more in the spring.  Updates will come in the next week or so, stay tuned!



We met with residents and passers by on Friday August 21.  There was general concern about the comfort and attractiveness of the park.  While it is centrally located, it lacks a sign to say it is a park, and it is not clean or maintained.  The park is not busy.  There is no evidence of sociability, volunteerism, and pride of ownership.

 Here is a summary table of the feedback:

Positives Negatives Suggestions
Location/ proximity to home Feel unsafe-  public drunkeness & abusive language Paint, repair, or replace benches
Green space in an otherwise busy area Homeless sleeping on benches Better general maintenance needed (benches, bricks, plants)
trees Residents are unaware it’s a park Repair brickwork on ground
Has a lot of potential Not enough green space add more flowers
Brick groundwork (but needs repairs) Bricks are in bad shape add more green space
Benches are old and need repair discourage homelessness
Add signage so residents know it’s a park
Better lighting needed at night
trim bushes and trees
add chess tabes
Generally redesign area to make it more park-like
add a play area for children
More community events (exaples: community BBQ’s, local music, outdoor film screenings)
street vendors/ food trucks

Next steps – Paul Dec and the Fusion folks are talking about ‘adopting the park.  We will be putting together a plan to revitalize this park for final feedback from neighbours.  As with Inglis, I would like to do some work this fall, probably early October, and then more in the spring. Updates will come in the next week or so, stay tuned!