Public Speaking, Consulting,

I am an independent business consultant, strategic planner and educator with expertise in developing and implementing business, marketing and strategic plans.  I can assist in creating applications for financing and government investment, as well as provide management assistance and advice. I have lead stakeholder driven processes, given inspirational speeches, and facilitated change.

I am also an opinion(ated) writer, published on website Halifax Politics dot ca, republished on and   Occasionally my opinion pieces are published in the “traditional” press, like the Chronicle Herald and Halifax Magazine.  I provide periodic radio commentary on CBC Radio in Halifax, in the Maritimes, and nationally, and on Rogers News Radio in the Maritimes.  Some recent public speaking engagements including Cape Breton University, Halifax Pop Explosion, New Brunswick Music Week, and Harmony Bazaar Festival of Women and Song.

I also have additional skills as diverse as how to throw a good live event, get sponsors to invest in punk rock shows, and convincing government to invest and support not for profit organizations.

Contact me for more information about consulting or public speaking.  I like to travel and to try new things.


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