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Waye Mason on Argyle Street


Waye Mason is a community leader, entrepreneur, educator and Halifax Regional Councillor. Prior to his election as Councillor, Waye has grown businesses, led member organizations and developed the arts and culture sector in Nova Scotia for over two decades.

As a municipal councillor, Waye has championed bringing transparency and accountability to Halifax Regional Council. Waye first got elected to council in 2012 and was re-elected in 2016 and 2020 due in part to what Halifax Magazine referred to as his “relentless constituency work.”

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News & Updates

  • 2022, heritage, parking ban, Coronavirus Update 50, more

    In this issue My Councillor Update talks about the current Omicron surge, heritage impact statements, and changes to the winter parking ban. Public Meetings and Hearings has some online engagement information for those that may be interested. Roadworks has some new editions.  Coronavirus Update lists current impacts and supports.  Community Events is very festive, and reach out and get help rounds out the update. […]

  • 2021 Report Card, Incident at Jubilee/Walnut, Street Party and Housing Updates, more City Hall, lit up for the holidays

    In this issue My Council Update covers a wide range of issues, from my 2021 Report Card, the recent shooting at Jubilee/Walnut, links to street party updates and housing and homelessness updates, and some information on recent items at Council Public Meetings and Hearings has some online engagement information for those that may be interested. Roadworks are very short now […]

  • It’s time to face the cost of taking action on climate change. Road at Lawrencetown Beach closed due to storm damage.

    In this issue My Council Update is about the need to take action to address climate change, and to face that cost head on. Public Meetings and Hearings are few and far between as we enter into December. Roadworks is emptying as the cold weather ends construction season. Community Events continues to approach normalcy, and finally, info on how to reach out and […]

Housing Crisis

  • Housing Update #4

    What’s Happened Since The Last Update Modular Unit Update – Preparatory work continues at the Dartmouth site to build structural cribbing (foundation) for the modular units. Service trenches for water, sewer, and power are being dug. Four modular units are expected to arrive in the coming days and will be stored, and based on the current rate […]

  • Housing Update #3

    What’s Happened Since The Last Update The Official Press release – Today, Mayor Mike Savage, and Assistant Chief of Emergency Management, Erica Fleck provided an update regarding ongoing efforts to help address homelessness in the Halifax region. Full video of this update: The municipality continues to collaborate with the province, along with professional service providers and volunteers, […]

  • Housing Update #2

    It’s been almost three weeks since my last Housing Update, so I wanted to let folks know about the work that is currently underway and recap the last few weeks of activity. What’s happened since At the last Council meeting on August 31 the motions I wrote about for Crisis Housing Funding (Mayor Savage August 31) […]


  • Unsanctioned Street Party Update #2

    As promised here is an update on steps being taken to reduce the kind of trouble we sometimes see with students and disruption in the neighbourhoods around the universities in Halifax. Last week I was joined by Mayor Savage, CAO Jacque Dube, HRM staff and the Chief of Police in a meeting with Dalhousie President […]

  • Report Card 2021

    In the 2020 election, I made 19 promises, of which 7 are complete, 11 are underway, and 1 is incomplete and at risk. Of the 11 that are underway, 8 should be done by next summer and 3 are on target to be done under their proposed timelines. The only promise that may not be […]

  • Storm Preparedness Update – Heavy Rainfall & Wind Warning Nov 22-23

    Heavy Rainfall Warning – Nov 22-23 Hi all – I do not think this storm will be as bad as a hurricane, though there could be some pretty serious flooding in coastal and low-lying areas, and there is a chance of significant wind damage from gusts at 100kph (and higher).  As always, it is better […]