This week, on this old website.

I cannot believe I found this in archive. My original website, hosted on Chebucto Freenet, from late summer/early fall 1996. This baby is 10 years old. I take pride in the fact that my website, while HTML 2.0, was simple and clean… rather than the multi-hued, colour riot that was so common back then. AA551

Vogue Update #2

There are now interior photos with people watching a show in the Vogue section.


Mr Mayor, I am concerned about the article in the Herald today regarding city staff pulling down signs that may have been on the private property of citizens. The caviler attitude of Mr O’Brien is astounding! If an overzealous worker went beyond the city right of way right onto lawns, not only was s/he trespassing on private property, but the taking down the ANY political signs is arguably a Charter violation. As you know, several Supreme Court cases address signage read more

Urban Planning in HRM?

The Halifax city hall is seeking an urban design consultant for a planned 18-month, $200,000 study intended to help municipal officials shape the look of metro’s urban core in the future. HRM is actually planning streetscapes? Development rules? Who are you, and what have you done with my city? On second thought, never mind!

Vogue Page added

I have added a short resource page/plea for help and sanity about the Vogue Theatre. The place is crack for creative people, totally addictive as an idea. I think about it too much. You should too.