This blog is, I guess, my blog. It seems dishonest to say that I do not want to have a blog, but I am embarrased to be seen to jump on the blog bandwagon. I may post long policy wonk and political blathers here but I will not be posting lots of personal deep thought. I will leave that kinda tripe for the younguns. What I want tho, is a page that reflects my interests, in that I want links, sidebars and columns of RSS feeds, distilled down. I want google news fed here. I want macintouch fed here. I want Gigantic and HPX and Boost Ventilator fed here and aggregated down to something useful and easily accessed.

I have learned that this is TOTALLY beyond my abilities at this time.

Mostly, I am trying to teach myself php, css, and xhtml editing. My HTML skills stoped upgrading around 2000. I built the old No Record Store online used Redhats Interchange, used a lot of imbedded PERL, but was basically HTML 4.0 with proprietary tags for the serve side includes. I don’t think anyone really uses PERL anymore. Interchange is no longer a Red Hat property.

I have been struggling to complete the new design for the pop explosion site for weeks. Sigh. I know so little about php and css that every change I make breaks something new. It is humbling to move from proficient geek to useless Dreamweaver using poser. So, sometime soon I am going to go buy a book on how the “new web” works. And I will be making attempts to impliment that here.

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