CD of the Week

Bill Janovitz – Lonesome Billy
This record was released in 1996 on Beggars Banquet, and was the first solo record by Buffalo Tom frontman Bill Janovitz. To me, Bill’s voice is such a part of the sound of Buffalo Tom, so for the most part, this record is one of the best records the Tom never released. Those of you who remember Buffalo Tom, remember the mixed reception that 1993s “Big Red Letter Day” recieved as a followup to the 1991 ground breaking release “Let Me Come Over.” This record would have kept the naysayers quiet, with its country rock stylings, and fantastic, Like a lot of solo records, this one has its off kilter or indulgent moments. The slow accordian jam of “Ghost in My Piano” brings down the mood… it is a lovely record to drive to, but because of this I have a tendency to skip tracks 5, 6, and 7. This record features guest appearances from Fuzzy, Giant Sand, and Friends of Dean Martin. Pick it up soon at a bargin bin near you.

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