Fixed it

A #99 had changed into a (( in the style.css file. And this meant nothin’ in Safari, my browser of choice, and meant it was totally broken in Firefox. But now that is fixed. UNFORTUNATELY, Feedlist does not work with non XHTML 4.0 compliant browsers, so EI 5.1 for Mac breaks on my website. I have edited the obscure “Handler could not be removed” error, to the user friendly (or snobby net arseholish) “In order to enjoy this site you read more

Broke It

that will learn me. I broke the wordpress theme. It now thinks there is no template for the theme. I expect I know what I am doing for the next few hours…. fah! EDIT – 12:40 fixed it… updated it… walking away from it for the rest of the day!

Welcome To Planet Sony

Welcome To Planet Sony | DoxPara Research Sony has a rootkit. The rootkit phones home. Phoning home requires a DNS query. Over 568,000 DNS servers have been queried. See the map of Planet Sony.

Things to do today….

I am pretty much bored. I have about 1 hour of work to do before the end of the week. I am thinking about driving to Ship Harbour today to look at a house/cottage/country home/money pit I want to buy. 2 hours down if I do. Maybe tomorrow I will reward myself with a trip. The blog looks good, at least on a Mac. I need to go see it on a PC. Next phase, make it 3 columns, with read more

CD of the Week

Bill Janovitz – Lonesome Billy This record was released in 1996 on Beggars Banquet, and was the first solo record by Buffalo Tom frontman Bill Janovitz. To me, Bill’s voice is such a part of the sound of Buffalo Tom, so for the most part, this record is one of the best records the Tom never released. Those of you who remember Buffalo Tom, remember the mixed reception that 1993s “Big Red Letter Day” recieved as a followup to the read more

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