Prolific Posting Prohibited by Illness

I have a medium serious head cold. Swelling, sore, liquid filled sinus action. I have big plans to write long scathing critiques about the provinces cultural investment problems, and also the lack of maintainance money for existing buildings, but I can barely bring myself do any work above clicking between daytime television shows. Maybe later. In other news, if you are a nerd on wikipedia, check out the Nova Scotia project. It is just starting up, and promises to be read more

Last FM, not the answer

So you are registered on You go to check the recommendations to see what you should ask for for Xmas. You make the mistake of listening to the Lowest of the Low first record, for old times sake, the week before. One listen! And all of a sudden is telling you to go listen to the Tragically Hip. OMFG. Yech. So the other 400 tracks of NOT Canadian Classic Alternative that I listened to that week seem to read more

Project Based Lifestyle

I realise more and more I need to fill my life with projects or risk bordom. I read a phrase the other day “If you want something to get done quickly, give it to a busy person.” I am at the opposite end of that right now, I need one or two big projects to come along to get me back to being busy, so that I return to being efficient and on top of things. Thus, I am going read more

In todays news…. firefox 1.5.

Bah. On a Mac, it is fast. But it is still not Acid Test 2.0 compliant. Not that I know if that is relevant, as maybe the guys who wrote the Acid Test work for Apple. Check your browser here: Acid Test