ECUA/ECMA/No Case redux

Well I already came home. Marnie had to work today, the kids have a PD day and none of my family could take the day off work to watch ’em. ECMA was fun, though, in retrospect, I should have spent more time watching bands and shmoozing. I got a lot of good work done in the (re)building relationships area, saw a lot of great people, met a lot of people who might help with Halifax Pop Explosion and such. Marnie read more

Joel Plaskett, Case Study…

Today I spent an amazing hour talking with Brendan from SpinART Records, about how hard it is for the kind of music we both like to break out in the United States these days. Media and college radio are into really quirky arty stuff and a straight forward rocker like Joel Plaskett does not seem to be able to get a lot of traction with key media support. Note to cooler than me readers. Joel is, increasingly, in Halifax, considered read more

PEI ho!

Gentle readers… I will be in Charlottetown from 1pm Friday to 5pm Sunday, staying at the beautiful Holiday Inn. In addition to the odd ECMA official event, I will be moderating the independent music panel at 1:30 on Saturday afternoon, and will be hosting a Meet and Greet at the Arts Guild at 2:30 on Saturday. The Centre for Arts and Technology is supporting both ECMA all ages program and the No Cases. For more info on the nocases, which read more

NO Case Juno Update

Number of bands that applied: 39 Number of bands with actual packages: 27 Number of spots available: 24 Number of bands who supplied NO CONTACT INFO in package: 13 Number of bands who did not even have a return mail address or contact info of any kind!: 1 Number of bands so far who applied and members are unavailable to play that weekend: 1 Good times!

Newfoundland decides to play hardball.

NEWFOUNDLAND is talking tough with the oil companies that want to develop the province’s offshore oil and gas potential, and that is raising the eyebrows of some in Nova Scotia who are wondering if it is having an impact on how the province is viewed by the energy sector. The