HRM gives cultural plan a green light

The Though the cost to the city is unknown, council Tuesday night approved a 10-year cultural plan for Halifax Regional Municipality. The plan, to be evaluated in 2008, met with little resistance. Only Coun. Harry McInroy (Cole Harbour) voted against it, saying metro has more important things on which to spend taxpayers’ dollars.


My posts are too long and ramble. I must practice writing in a concise and interesting fashion. I am currently 2 weeks away from under-employment until mid-June. Expect rapid updates and expansion of the Pop Explosion, Vogue Theatre and maybe a province wide culture sector council, depending how bored I get. You never know how I may fill my time.

VOGUE THEATRE, the Khyber, and the City.

As the Daily News readers out there know, the Vogue Theatre is in jeopardy. The Swim brothers, who, through their company Foundery Developments own the Vogue/Cove, have had the property sold for $250,000 to Empire Group in a “tax sale.” The Swims have the option to pay the back taxes and stop the sale within 6 months. The taxes are only $16,000. However, the building COULD end up in the hands of Empire Group, who would tear it down. This read more

Good Faith

I participate from time to time in Wikipedia the free online encyclopedia. This minor addiction started when I searching for articles on Nova Scotia music and culture, and found a horrible and misguiding article about Music of Nova Scotia on the wiki. I promptly re-wrote it and was hooked. Wikipedia operates because of the assumption of good faith: “Assuming good faith is about intentions, not actions. Well-meaning people make mistakes, and you should correct them when they do. You should read more

Jack Bonaparte…

He did not play the music I listen to. I only met him once or twice. We emailed back and forth, and it was mostly business. But he build the kind of show from the ground up that was growing regional awareness into the the music of Atlantic Canada. He was passionately committed to east coast culture of all types. He showed us that the regular every day Joe in the street can be reached, and is interested in our read more