HRM Cultural Plan Reviewed

I finally had a chance to sit down and read it. And you know, its not bad! Here are my thoughts. Jane Buss may not have gotten to the meat of the plan, as the plan reviews the process of making the plan and the input from the public for the first 25 of 75 pages. I understand the desire to legitimize a document by putting the context of its creation, and the broadness of the participation, front and centre. read more

The Cultural Plan in the Herald

Jane Buss, wow, she takes no crap… “Halifax’s proposed new cultural plan suffered a stinging rebuke Tuesday from the head of the Writers Federation of Nova Scotia. It was part of a shaky unveiling at city hall of the comprehensive document, 10 months in the making. Regional councillors received a letter from federation executive director Jane Buss as they took their first serious look at a plan that calls for more art in public buildings, increased efforts to get local read more