Hi Dad

My Dad could not get on to this site today because the double meta referred in the index page sent some people to the HPX website, and some to my website. Dad is now a very proficient Mac geek. When he retired from the Navy it was back when officers dictated emails to secretaries that then typed it in for them, and then brought hard copies of replies for the desktop inbox. Now he catches html programming errors. It has read more

People Read This Website

I got a cold call from a guy in Indiana who wants to invest in entertainment properties in Halifax. He was googling Halifax and my article on the Vogue came up. I also know from this site’s stats that people searching Halifax, Culture, Nova Scotia Arts Council, Vogue Theatre, and Jack Bonaparte have all found this site, which is averaging an amazing 350 unique visitors a month. Amazing given the total lack of time I have to maintain it. Hello read more

More Halifax Stones Madness

Recent response to a good and reasonable friend who happens to work at the Trade Centre Limited/Metro Centre regarding his question “really, don’t you want to see the stones play your hometown?” I am for any band playing here under normal conditions…. however 1 – It’s so f**ing lame to imitate Moncton. Halifax has everything going for it. We need to try and focus on being as good as Winnipeg and Edmonton and Quebec City and Hamilton, not worry about read more

Rolling Stones in Halifax, Nova Scotia

In a letter to Sue Uteck I wrote: Hi Sue, Trade Centre is going to land the Rolling Stones in Halifax during a weekend when hotels are packed, the Pop Explosion is launched, and the Film Fest is wrapping up. We have plenty of bands that play here and never play Moncton. Is this necessary? Has council and or city staff/management encouraged this? Is it within the mandate of Trade Centre Limited to play the roll of a promotions company? read more

In Lieu of Content

Juno weekend emptied me of energy, and now grant and sponsor applications has emptied me of wit and word. It especially sucks to set a personal goal of writing once week knowing no one reads it, its just for me, and then fail to actually meet the goal. On the other hand, most of what is keeping me from this is putting money in my pocket. So, in lieu of content: Waye Mason — [adjective]: Pretentiously academian ‘How will you read more