Neither an NDP or a tory be…

Some things I strongly believe…. that are philosophically incompatible, if the only system you use is the current left-right, NDP-tory type system… I think that they are common sense. “rightie” type thoughts: -shut down the NSLC, lay off all staff, privatize all liquor delivery -shut down the AGA-Liquor division – transfer to municipality -allow private delivery of health services such as blood tests, casts, x-rays and other diagnostics, through doctors offices/clinics -charge a small fee (like the Swedes!) for emergency read more

Roundabout my ass….

A visual post today. So the rotary became a roundabout. Sure it did. But, what about this: Thats a North American roundabout yield sign. Even better though, is the UK version:

Coast Party

Dear Boost Ventilator, I saw you, you saw me. Our eyes locked, across a room crowded with people. A moment happened. I tried to break off from the person I was talking to, to get to you… but by time I was able to get away, you…. you were gone. Don’t think any less of me… you know you are my favorite! XOXO Waysie PS Iain I know you are the only person who reads my site regularly… 🙂 Lets read more

Strippers and the AGA

I am all for a neighborhood being able to have a say in how it is developed and used. And I myself have actually never been inside a strip club. I suppose as a young man going to the Palace late on a Saturday night was enough. But anyone who has had interaction with the “Liquor Board,” or the Nova Scotia Alcohol and Gaming Authority as it is formally known, recognizes that the AGA is known for its arbitrary, unwritten, read more

Gather no moss! Bahahaha!

The same guy called back and said that the Stones are now coming, just no one in Halifax knows it yet.