An Update

I don’t know if the .rss feed for this blog updates people if I get new comments. If so, sorry for the comment spam. I have disabled comments without moderation now, so no comments will be added unless I approve it. In other news… Rogers Flip the Switch 06 was amazing. Check out the photos on Chr!s Sm!th’s myspace photoblog. 4K people on site for the biggest punk show east of Quebec, ever, if you don’t count sitting in chairs read more

Thank God.

Now, the world has to do the same in Palestine, because if all we do here is free up the IDF to aggressively go back into the West Bank and Gaza, the UNIF will just end up a target rather than a solution. U.N. Council Backs Measure to Halt War in Lebanon – New York Times : Mideast leaders back deal to end hostilities

Waye VS the Feds

The Canada Council said no to the Pop Explosion as of last week. This is unsurprising. We have applied to CC, FACTOR for the conference, and Traderoutes for the Boston mission. I think CC was least likely, Traderoutes 50/50, and FACTOR a probable, though FACTOR did deny us last year. CC funds art. Artists have the reputation and appearance of being a bunch of space cadets about things like business plans and money, but what is shocking is CC wants read more

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