Chronicle Herald | Rolling Stones – Another View

Note: This article was published in the September 25, 2006 issue of the Chronicle Herald on the Op/Ed page. As the mud on the North Common slowly dries under the warm fall sun, you can hear the whirling sound of government, industry and media spinning rapidly and heartily. They spin to ensure that the only message heard after the Rolling Stones concert is overwhelmingly, ridiculously positive. On the face of it, the concert was a success. Lots of people had a read more


Since people actually read this damn thing: 1 – I am not working at the Centre for Arts and Technology, they could not afford me. 2 – I am working for Ticket Pro Canada, they treat me right and its a cool gig. 3 – The Halifax Pop Explosion has become a year round part time job that pays. Whodathunkit? 4 – I have 2 other irons in the fire, one on NS Culture, one on economic development, that are read more

A Conversation, about the Stones…

The scene: Waye, beer in hand. Fire is going. We are at Mitchell’s beach outside Pugwash. It is dark, the washer party started at noon, the party is still going now… everyone has been drinking… I am sitting next to Marnie’s cousin Mark, who lives in Pugwash in the summer, Springhill in the winter… it is his party, at his cottage. Waye – “So, Mark…. you going to see the Stones again?” Mark – “God no. No. It was great. read more