HRSB vs Halifax Citadel round 2

I went to a meeting last week. HRSB wants to have 4 elementary schools on the peninsula of Halifax, each about 750 kids. The first would be operational by the time Emma was in 6th grade and would replace Le Marchant St Thomas, St Mary’s, Inglis Street schools. The ideal size for a p-6 school according to the provinces department of education is 350-450 students. I will have a proper article later tonight or tomorrow, but until then, please meet read more

Small Update

Another shorter update. Bernie Smith from the Spring Garden Merchants Association called to say that one of the ways that they sold the Stone’s concert was increased business for downtown. The end result of the Stones concert – markedly decreased business on Spring Garden Road, the exact opposite of what was expected, hoped, and promised.

Oh Dear God… published.

To my wonder and delight, the Herald published my last article in the paper today. It was rather shocking in that I was not contacted, or, they tried to contact me while I was on business in Boston and never got a hold of me. It also comes two weeks after I wrote it, so some of the facts and suppositions are no longer completely accurate. Tomorrow, I think it likely that there will be a letter written by a read more