Showdown at the Hazzard County School Board

I recently had the joy of attending another meeting of the Halifax Regional School Board (HRSB). In what I recognize from the Save Beaufort days, the HRSB kindly moved the motion 95% of the people here are here to see to the very end of the agenda, so that we have to sit through all the “orders of the day” motions. It seems a typical move from the staff and board here at the old HRSB. We are here to read more


Rain, the bar most in question, is a Cabaret, but it serves food. The Palace has food at the Alehouse, which is sometimes open to the Palace, and sometimes it is not. So it still comes down to what kind of licensing you want to exist.

Early Bar Closure???

The bar owners don’t want a police state, and don’t want early closing hours. Fair enough. But its a lot more complicated, as I am sure you know. Every year, people from Toronto and parts west come to the Halifax Pop Explosion and are shocked by the late closings in Halifax. They are also shocked by how late people come out to drink. In Toronto bars are closed at 2am and people are at shows watching bands or dancing in read more

How the other half thinks…

Select quotes from rightwingers in the US, just cause I think its funny and interesting to watch them squirm. NOTE: I am in no way endorsing any of these views… obviously. Pat Toomey: This election wasn’t a repudiation of conservatism, it was a repudiation of Republicans. We did a Sunday night poll in the seats we thought were most likely to switch. They didn’t believe the GOP was the party of limited government and fiscal discipline. When we asked which read more

Email to CBC Information Morning

RE: Interview with Lynn MacGregor, District 9, HRSB The amalgamation of the south end school is just the start of HRSBs plan. The plan would see four large, 750 student Elementary schools on the peninsula. This is almost double the ideal size from the Provinces own guidelines, of 350-450 students for a P-6 school. There can be no doubt that HRSB’s planners are incompetent or politically motivated, when again and again schools are closed by the School Board as “beyond read more