Oh dear god…

Cindy Littlefair, parent, activist, friend, and editor of Shambala Sun wrote this blushworthy blog for the Heralds website…. *cringe* 🙂 The Near North by :: Cindy Littlefair Birth of a District Posted by: Cindy Littlefair 01/31/2007 07:59AM Anyone consuming local media in the last few months would have come across stories to do with the proposed closure of three peninsula elementary schools. The Halifax Regional School Board had announced in the fall that construction of a single school to replace read more

Webpost Test 2

test post

I am testing to see how well the ability to post via email works. Why? Because for whatever reason I have been able to make sure that the Citadelschools.ca website is updated before anyone else when it comes to some of these education issues. I wanted to be able to webpost FROM THE PRESS CONFERENCE TODAY. Tomorrow I will webpost from INSIDE the HRSB Board meeting.

The Red Room at the Ledge, and the dirty truth about my day.

Today was a study in contrasts. I took today off work to finish the trim work in the kitchen. My Dad came over and we worked with his nailgun to get the quarterround and other trim in to “finish the kitchen” which has been something we have been “finishing” for over two years. Around 10am I got an email from Leonard Preyra, the Halifax Citadel MLA and an all around outstanding fellow. I have been working on this education stuff read more


I spoke at the Westmount School Associating meeting and the University Neighbourhood Watch Meeting last night. I am becoming a real activist guy, I suppose, as we gear up for the first Citadel District School Association meeting. The poor parents at Westmount were just stunned, it really is a neutron star worth of dense data I present in a 12 minute package. The homeowners at UNWA were very aware of the issues, as the meeting was happening in Le Marchant read more