A Memorial Concert for Helen Hill!

Saturday Feb 3 – At the Seahorse Tavern A Memorial Concert for Helen Hill – featuring: Windom Earle Al Tuck Kevin Corbett plus former members of Piggy playing their favourite piggy songs! And a screening of films by Helen Hill. Suggested donation of $5.00, pay what you can All proceeds go to Helen’s family, Paul and Francis Pop!

Redesign part 1, done…

I used an off the shelf theme, customized it and reformated my content to fit. I think I am going to increase the main post font a bit and decrease the size of the menu bar, and maybe change the back page colour a bit (dark blue instead of black…) but it looks pretty hot, I think!


I think I am either going to tweak or redesign my website. I like it but I don’t love it. I may break it into two totally different sections, personal interested and business. The big thing is I think I will use the new Dell laptop that I have for demoing the Ticketpro software, so that it will work and look good on a Windows box, instead of being totally broken like it has in the past. I don’t know read more

So much to do

My life is being submerged by a tsunami of education related issues. I will be up tonight until midnight finishing the actual paying work not getting done while doing other things all day on that file. In non-education related stuff – its HPX time! Final report is almost done, final financial are almost done, yearly operating grant and a dozen other funding applications are all going out the door. The most exciting part is a partnership between HPX and some read more

Of Myspace, Politics, and other

Short bullet posts seem order of the day today. * I am amused how many dear old friends are suddenly on myspace… when Ben and I created our personal and HPX pages everyone was younger than Ben, and he was 23 at the time. Then slowly the core mid to late twenty set of volunteers and coordinators all registered, then nine or ten months ago, people in their 30s started showing up. Now pretty much everyone I know no matter read more