So, me, Terry and Nora were chatting and…

Tonight at 10, with your host, Nora Young, listen to yours truly and Nettwerk guru Terry McBride analyze the future of music as signified by Sam’s Halifax closing. Listen to me namecheck Al Tuck, Jesse Dangerously,, and many more on national radio.


Nerd = me… I now have facebook in my life… Facebook is way better than myspace. The design is clean, the relationships between people networks and stuff are way clearer. The best thing though is that the thing sucks in posts from other sites, like this one, via RSS, letting people look at your facebook profile know when you update your blog, or whatever…

Canada turns crucial corner

Note from me – best opening line in an editorial ever…. OTTAWA–Canada is on its way to becoming a civilized country again. The Supreme Court has ruled that if the government wants to lock up people indefinitely without charge, it has to at least let them muster a defence. In the post-9/11 world, this counts as progress. – News – Canada turns crucial corner

On the road, again

vkngs, a/v, the Stolen Minks, Jonny Stevens, Hip Club Groove, Scribbler, David Myles, Sleep to Dream, The Grass, The Superfantastics, Buck 65, Ruth Minnikin, Classified, and Windom Earle, Destroy Hope, Orchids Curse, The Switch, Cuban Assassins, The Establishment, Brent Randall, Their Majesties, Down With The Butterfly, Rebekah Higgs, Great Plains, Sleepless Nights, Jon McKiel, and Laura Peek. These bands are all bands from Halifax. They are all going on tour between now and July. They are all relatively baby bands, read more

Radical voting proposal gains steam

Ontario citizens’ assembly endorses `mixed member proportional’ plan Feb 22, 2007 04:30 AM Ian Urquhart – Queen’s Park Columnist “Ontario is a step closer to a radical change in the way MPPs are elected to the Legislature. The citizens’ assembly on electoral reform, a randomly selected body of 103 ordinary Ontarians established by the provincial government, voted overwhelmingly last weekend for a system called “mixed member proportional,” or MMP.” Full Article Here