Cape Breton Spaceport

I know that the Baikonur Cosmodrome is in the same latitude as the proposed site in Cape Breton. And I know that the International Space Station is in the orbit it is in to facilitate accessing the station from Baikonur.

Despite this, the Russians have signed a supplier/joint use/joint development agreement with the European Space Agency to launch Soyuz rockets from French Guiana, which is located on the equator. Soyuz is a nice edition to the ESA stable, because it is about half the size of their Arianne 5 rocket.

Now, why are Russians launching from an ESA base in a French Territory at the equator? In part, because the mechanics of reaching orbit dictate that an equatorial launch of a Soyuz rocket can carry 3 tons, and a Baikonur based launch can only carry 1.7 tons.

So why the heck is this new company proposing a Cape Breton spaceport? Is there going to be enough money in just having a NASA contract to supply the ISS?

I am torn between being very concerned about this being some kinda government ACOA/NSBI money scam, and applying for my dream job.

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