Album Review | Buffalo Tom – Three Easy Pieces

Buffalo Tom Three Easy Pieces (UMG – 2007) This is the Buffalo Tom record you have been waiting for. Fans of the band know that their career is one of those Sloan or Replacement style arcs. They were the “next big thing” for years and years, always selling a fair number of records, but never blowing up in the mainstream as was expected. Musicians and music fans know this band, respect their work, love the songs, but at the same read more

The only big HRM event this summer – political infighting

It is a cruel word where your loyal scribe goes on vacation, and then all hell deliciously breaks loose in the world of massive expensive concert promotion in Halifax. Few things could compel me to put down the Corona and get off the beach in Pugwash to write a few words, but the situation between HRM and the Trade Centre Limited (TCL) is one. TCL, headed by Fred MacGillivray, is the Provincial/Municipal organization with the wide open mission to provide read more