From Citadelschools.ca: REVIEW OF IMAGINE OUR SCHOOLS DRAFT PROPOSAL The draft school use proposal that was presented by the consultants at the Imagine Our Schools meeting at Citadel High on January 19, 2007. It has taken some time to reflect, gather information and work through the ramifications of the proposal. I am sorry that this post is even longer than usual, but I urge you all to read the whole thing, there is lots going on to think about and read more

Dr. Disney, or, How I learned to stop worrying and love the themepark.

Let’s just lay the cards on the table.  My family is not a normal family.  We are NOT strange like AdamS family strange, nor are we scary like Manson family strange.  But we are different. I work in the music business, Marnie works at the alternative weekly, Rhett has been going to punk rock gigs since he was nine, Emma alternates between Hannah Montana and Acrade Fire as her favorite bands.  Marnie and I just got married after 10 years read more

On the very verge of long term planning?

There is a great article in today’s Herald about the increase in average age of Nova Scotia’s infrastructure. The article, here (until the Herald hides it after a week,) says that Nova Scotia has the oldest infrastructure in Canada with an average age of “18 years in 2007 — 1.7 years more than the Canadian average.” It later goes into some detail: “The Statistics Canada study said the average age of Nova Scotia’s roads and highways dropped to 16.3 in read more

My requests of the consultants

I have sent a letter to the consultants, and all the elected folks, in a reformat of the last post. I added on these requests: I am requesting you consider incorporating the following concerns into this process: • The calculation of capacity on the peninsula needs to be revised. If you accept that just one classroom in each school, as an average, is being used for ancillary program delivery but is being counted as empty, that removes almost 500 so read more

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