Music Industry Drops Lawsuits

The Recording Industry Association of America has revealed its new strategy in fighting against the downloading of copyrighted music by working with internet service providers to sever abusers’ net connections. The decision to scrap the legal attack was first reported in The Wall Street Journal. In an interview Friday morning, Cary Sherman, president of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), said many of the details have yet to be hammered out. The music industry, he said, which also announced read more

Recession? We've heard of it.

Last night I was out Christmas shopping at Chapters, and it was very very busy, as had been the mall earlier that evening.  No parking, packed escalators, the works.  Or rather, the usual.  The usual is ununsual given these trying economic times! I asked the nice clerk at the cash if it had been this busy all day.  She said “No, it has been busier, the line up was right down the centre of the store for three hours this read more