HRM Map Mini Update

I would like to thank everyone, over 100 people so far, who have contributed. I want to especially thank Bedford DJ (no real name provided) and Alexander from Spryfield for huge detailed maps of their neighbourhoods! Bedford should be finished by Friday, then a major update will be announced on the websites. Ultimately, you, my friends, are the early adopting cool seekers who are setting the stage for later on. In late April, I will send info about this to read more

The Mythical Magic Money Pot

In this era of high spending debt loving Tories and global love of Keynesian economics, one of my least favorite phrases has re-entered into the public dialog. The phrase, one I am sure you have heard, is “Deferred Maintenance.” Deferred maintenance is used to describe the deplorable state of all of our public buildings, from hospitals to universities to schools to rec centres. It is the money that should have been spent but has not been spent to maintain buildings read more

HRM Map Project Update #2

Magic time. Google API is easy to use. There is a WordPress plugin that will parse the API for you. The map now shows everything at once. What is great, if you are a nerd, is I can still update it on my personal google maps by pulling the online KML data and it automatically updates the map here. Wonderful. Updates coming later on tonight.

HRM Map Project Update #1

Wow! For a Sunday afternoon project, developed while drinking my coffee and reading the Toronto Star online, this thing sure has taken off. Over 15 emails and 30 messageboard posts in abut 8 hours. Keep the suggestions coming, though this leads to technical problem #1! Tech Problem #1 – Google maps has an “item limit” per page. The last couple of neighbourhoods I tried to add (Wedgewood, Glenbourne) showed up for me as an editor, but were on the “second read more

HRM Map Project!

Inspired by the Toronto Star, and building on a debate a couple years ago on halifax locals and wikipedia, I think it could be fun and instructive to ask people “what is the name of your neighbourhood.” The “North” or “West End” are huge areas, which used to have neighbourhoods inside them like Ardmore, Armcrest, Bloomfield. I am interested in hearing what you call where you live, where you grew up, where you work. I grew up in Dartmouth, and read more