HRM Map Project Update #1

Wow! For a Sunday afternoon project, developed while drinking my coffee and reading the Toronto Star online, this thing sure has taken off. Over 15 emails and 30 messageboard posts in abut 8 hours. Keep the suggestions coming, though this leads to technical problem #1!

Tech Problem #1 –
Google maps has an “item limit” per page. The last couple of neighbourhoods I tried to add (Wedgewood, Glenbourne) showed up for me as an editor, but were on the “second page” of links. If you scroll down to the bottom of the links page on the left hand side, you can page forward, but I will email the Toronto Star guy and find out how they got around this, as they had at least 60 neighbourhoods on one map. UPDATE I will sign up to use the Google Maps API (in English, the advance geek version) tonight after work, we should be good to go before the end of Monday.

Now – issues:

Chubucto – does the Chebucto neighbourhood start at the Armdale Roundabout and extend east to Connaught, Windsor, or Robie? Some feel that the Duncan/Allan/Laurence areas is distinct from the areas east and west.

Stanley Park/Kline Heights – what do people all this neighbourhood? Do people call Stoneridge it’s own name or is that just marketing?

Westphal/Caledonia/Port Wallace/Waverly – these areas need input to establish boundaries.

More issues coming once we fix the technical problems!

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