The Music Is So Damn Beautiful

I gave this speech at the Lockeport Fire Hall this past summer, on Saturday, July 25 2009 to be precise. I called it “The Music Is So Damn Beautiful.” I think it went okay, I wish I had had time to practice it more, but I had a couple people moved to tears at the end, so what else can you ask for? Good evening, it is truly an honour to be here. People always say that don’t they? “It read more


New Site

I installed a modern, widget aware theme on the site.  Some tweaks coming, but overall, pretty happy.  For the time being the neighbourhood map is borked but I will work on that this weekend.

Strike Averted

Strike averted, no details yet, school is on tomorrow. More later on today.

The union, the college, the Premier, and me.

If you know me you know I have an endearing/annoying tendency to talk about whatever is most important to me at any given moment. I like to think of it as open source/collaborative/social networking kinda vibe. I don’t tend to write or blog about the fluff in my life. Right now, there is no fluff at all, it’s all pretty serious. At the risk of Doocing myself or angering my union brothers and sisters, I am going to write about the read more