On Twitter and Tax "Reform"

I love reading Twitcoast on twitter. Tim Bousquet, the Coast news editor, manages to infuse his 140 character per post updates with a well balanced mix of wry observation and essential factual information. My personal favorite example is reporting how Councilors vote. Our fine municipality does not record how councilors vote, making it rather hard to hold them to task. Tim told us all that Councillors Lund, Rankin, Outhit, Harvey, Johns, Hum, Uteck, Wile, Hendsbee, Dalrymple voted for Tax so read more

More ferry tails.

Today I would say the Halifax III on the way to Woodside was rocking back and forth, port to starboard, from level to 10% up on the starboard side. Rock rock. Rock rock. Rockrock.

RIP Kate McGarrigle

Kate and Anna played HPX in 2005 or 06. It was the day after the CBC strike had ended, and it was really hard to get the word out to the Kate and Anna audience without CBC. I had been told by other, older promoters that Kate and Anna were really hard to work with, with one memorable show in particular where they were they refused to go on stage at the Cohn for hours like princesses. So here we read more

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics – Don Mills on the radio again

Don Mills kills me. Don is a pollster, so you would think that he would live by facts and figures. Two days ago he was speaking on CBC Mainstreet (Halifax edition) and his thesis was that Halifax lagged far behind every other city of size in Canada in growth in the 2000s because we didn’t approve new buildings fast enough. His primary example was what we like to call Twisty Towers or Twisted Sisters, the United Gulf development proposed for read more

Ferry tails part 2

Short note today. So yesterday I tempted fate. Talking about how transit worked for me has resulted in my daughter being sick today. This means I have made the early ferry (8:52) because I dumped Emma at my moms first thing and ran to the bus, 15 mins earlier than usual. The kick is I have to re-arrange my classes and run back to Halifax at 1:30 so Mom can get to a Doctors appointment, so my first $25.00 cab read more