Apology to the former residents and descendants of Africville

“On behalf of the Halifax Regional Municipality, I apologize to the former Africville residents and their descendants for what they have endured for almost 50 years, ever since the loss of their community that had stood on the shores of Bedford Basin for more than 150 years. You lost your houses, your church, all of the places where you gathered with family and friends to mark the milestones of your lives. For all that, we apologize. We apologize to the read more

Rail debate returns to Halifax

I had an opportunity to talk to Tim Outhit, councilor for Bedford, for an hour or so last week. The conversation was wide ranging, covering topics from passenger rail to community councils to taxes. What was most exciting was the discussion around rail service in HRM, or even to Truro some day. Now I know that some city staff have historically been pretty against any rail proposal, though to be fair, I think the discussion of rail back in the read more

Google fail, & RIAA once again misses the point.

There is a furor, yes, a raging furor, on the internet right now over Blogger’s deletion of some music/mp3 blogs from their service. For those of you who don’t know, an mp3 blog posts a review of an album AND a song or two as mp3. Usually, the reputable blogs have permission, which marketing people are more than willing to give, because many of these blogs get hundreds of thousands of unique views.  And the RIAA and music business lawyers read more

Tax Diversity – part 2

I talked about how to make sure we have some fairness across the region in my last post. This discussion is all driven by the recent “tax reform” debate. Really, the failed and arguably unfair HRM Tax Reform proposal was not conceived strictly to enrich the wealthy, though it clearly would do so. The debate is a sign of a system under stress. The speed of change in property values in the region has accelerated, during the same decade in read more

Views on tax reform, part 1

The debate on downtown, the future of Halifax, and taxes (oh taxes) continues on my Facebook and to a lesser degree on this blog. Ah Facebook, if only you had an API that talked to WordPress, you would be perfect. I have said before that I was against the proposed flat tax model of “reform”, defeated recently at HRM council. I have not yet really spoken up about what I think would work, a daunting task.