Downtown Stroll

Today the #1 was full and my gentlemanly insistence of ladies first resulted in the bus driving away without me on it.

Undaunted, figuring its only –1 today, I walked down Spring Garden and then Barrington, looking up and around to think more about the future of downtown.

I guess the first impression was that we have a real small town complex.  Downtown is Barrington? What about Spring Garden Road, what about Argyle?  I mean, is downtown really just four stop lights long?

I think the urban core of Halifax peninsula could be defined as starting at North Street, ending at South Street, and living between the harbour and the Commons/Hill/South Park Street.

Spring Garden looks good.  Lots of traffic.  The lack of support for this area is demonstrated by the lack of incrimental improvements to the area.  Spring Garden now includes Queen, Armoury, Clyde, and Brenton, amoung others.  Almost no work has been done to improve the streets here and make htem more pedestrian friendly since they planted some trees on Spring Garden in 1994.

I cut across the library.  I hope something good happens on this site when the new library is built.  I have often felt a Chapters downtown would add a whole type of shopper (my Mom and Dad for two) that just don’t shop downtown.

I moved back to Halifax in 1990 and Scotia Square was still a going concern, still had the Woolco.  It is crazy to think how hard it is to buy a knife and fork or an inexpensive pair of mens socks in downtown with it gone.  Mostly I think about how to support independent stores, but a couple of key chains outlets won’t hurt either.

I then walked down Barrington, from Blowers to George.  Interesting to note that right now, the only empty spots are the Sam’s block, which is about to be redeveloped, and the Roy area, always a problem.  The NFB continue to mock city planners and politicians.

The only other problem areas are owned by government.  The ill advised removal of storefronts where the Craft centre used to be, the parking lot at Barrington and George.  The Khyber.  What is the city and province going to do to revitalize those properties?

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