Great glass hope could be white elephant | the Herald

Better said than most, certainly sums up what I have been thinking, I turn this space over to Laura Penny and her article from the Herald. I LIVE ON Argyle Street, between two of Halifax’s most talked-about vacant lots. The new central library and the proposed convention centre may be a few short blocks away from one another, but they represent very different ideas about the role of government. The library serves hundreds of thousands of HRM residents, and has read more

Response to Paul from DBTC on WTCC2

Downtownpaul just posted a pro wtcc2 article, linking resistance to WTCC2 to some kind of malaise and downtown death spiral.  Here is my comment, spell corrected (paint fumes overcame me.. 🙂   We shall see if this gets published on the DBTC site: I am in favor of a new or expanded WTCC. I do not, at this time support the current proposal. Wanting more information does not make one a visionless small town hick. I am waiting for an read more

Bike Lanes in HRM?

The Coast HRM council twitter is reporting that city hall just voted for paving, but against bike lane extensions.  Aparently 13 councillors all feel bike lanes are un-needed. Anyone who follows me on Facebook or Twitter knows I just spent two weeks in Tuscany with my family, and being the nerd I am, I kept taking pictures of infrastructure. A photo essay will come later, with bus tickets, closed streets, etc, but tonight I want to show how the world read more