A sailing we will not go, not today, anyway!

So Tuesday and Thursday I teach late in the day, often not leaving campus until 5:30-6pm.  So increasingly those mornings are the days that I have meetings off campus and then scoot over around 10 or 10:30, either in the car if I can arrange it, or on the ferry. So today I run over to get on the ferry, and realize that Woodside does not stop running at 10:22, it stops running at 9:52.   So I missed the ferry.

Construction, Economics, & Government Handouts in HRM

There are only a couple of arguments that the “pro-dev at all costs” folks kept throwing out.  The least compelling one was the argument that it has been twenty years since a commercial building was built in downtown. Buildings are approved all the time.  According to Peter Kelly, one million square feet of office space is approved for construction in downtown.  None of it is being built, not because the city “lacks moxie” or is “too negative”.  It’s because the read more

The Sun Always Rises, Even After A Bad Decision

So battle of the Convention Centre appears to be winding down.  While there will be further skirmishes before the end, the vote at Regional Council shows that its going to pass, pretty much as is. So in the aftermath, are WTCC supporters cracking Champagne and the opposition crying in their craft beers? Maybe, but not me.

Five Years of Thoughtful Commentary Spreading Sanity and/or Fear.

October through November is pretty busy for me.  School starts September, but grading, meeting students, and then getting students in the field for Atlantic Film Festival, Halifax Pop Explosion and capping it with Nova Scotia Music Week consume a lot of time. I have a number of half written blogs to blog on my blog but until end of this week I will be submerged in marking, so we shall see what gets out and up on line!

This one goes out to the Evolve Nation & Jonas Coulter

So, about that whole “absolutely no posters in the right of way” thing? Where Jonas got arrested and served while Evolve was starting, with fines of over $4,000? Because, you know, the by-law says, on page 13 of S-800 “Signs are not permitted within an HRM public right-of-way except for” posters in approved places? But can be approved through 7.1 (e). So what the heck is this?