A look back at 2010

What can I say, 2010 was a good year for me and for my little corner of the web here on Halifax Politics dot ca. The biggest thing for me this year was the end of my ten year reign as the El Supremo and visionary of the Halifax Pop Explosion. I went to the Halifax Pop Explosion board in 2009 and said “folks, this is my last year” and we put an 18 month plan in place to get read more

FAQ – Traffic Authority and Winter Parking

Frequently Asked Questions Traffic Authority and the Winter Parking Ban What is a Traffic Authority? A Traffic Authority (TA) is a person, or a role, created under section 86 of the provincial Motor Vehicles Act (MVA).  There is a Provincial Traffic Authority, responsible for for “provincial highways and highways within a city or town” and also Traffic Authorities for a “city or town.” (MVA s86 10 & 11)

Education crisis – can a “sustainable” education system actually educate anyone?

Education is suddenly a front burner issue in Nova Scotia.  In an article in Wednesday’s Herald, Premier Dexter had this to say: Dexter said the province has to come to grips with declining enrollments in schools. He said the first place the boards are to look for savings is in administration. “The simple reality of the matter is that we’re working with the boards, we’ve told them where we have to get to,” he said. “If we’re going to have read more