HRM and the Federal Election – A Resource

I love me an election, I do. I will have a longer post coming sometime early next week on my take on the ridings in HRM. Until then, I have put together a resource for riding maps, descriptions, candidates and their websites and twitter feeds, if they have them. You can find the Election 2011 resource here.

On Ticketing, Loans, and Economic Impact

Well, looks like a federal election is going to swamp the media for the next 45 days.  This means that the Halifax concert scandal will slide off the front page for the next while.  Before I go back to blogging about things I want to see in Halifax, as opposed to what I DO NOT want to see, I want to wrap up with a resource piece about how concerts work from a money perspective. I know Councilors and staff read more

Promoter: Secret deals need full investigation | Herald

Interview in the Herald: I think there (are) a lot more questions than answers at this point and I would hope that in addition to the auditor general of HRM being involved, that the provincial auditor general would go into Trade Centre Ltd., which is arm’s-length from the city. HRM’s audit and finance committee report says it can’t get the detailed information out of Trade Centre because it’s a provincial Crown corporation. The city can’t get that, but the (provincial) read more


Oh the questions I have! I am wondering if the new HRM Auditor General can tell us: 1 – how many other HRM cheques are written that are not put through finance dept?  If the CAO can get cheques written without oversight, why should I believe that these loans to Power Promotions are the only ones? 2- How many cheques are written based on a letter from the CAO that have no account to be drawn on, that are effectively read more

Could rail be the boost Halifax needs?

About fifteen years ago I attended a meeting at city hall on passenger rail. The presenter Transport 2000 and the proposal was modest.  About $25 million to refurbished Budd RDC cars, run them in and out from Bedford during rush hour only. A rep from Metro Transit was on the panel, but was a reluctant participant. His argument was summed up as “if you are going to buy the damn things, make sure you replace my aging bus fleet first.”  read more