The Most Important Election In A Generation: Will The Youth Vote?

Sometimes I write about politics, sometimes I blog about fluff.  Today I am writing not to ask you to vote, or tell you to vote, I am begging you to vote on Monday.  Especially those of you under 35 or so, and even more especially if you are under 25.

HRM and the Election: What Is Important?

In nine days, after next weekend, HRM & Canada goes to the polls. At one time it seemed like the nation would sleepwalk through another meaningless election and end up with largely the same result as the last few times. Out East, from a municipal point of view Ottawa might as well be the moon.  The palace on the Rideau is where during the disgrace of a Minister Raitt’s Press Secretery Jasmine MacDonnell we learned she was paid the same read more

Election 2011 – The Election in HRM So Far

As I said in my last post, I love me an election.  Something about the mechanics of it has fascinated me since childhood.  The issues, the debate, the gaffs.  Especially those.  Love those gaffs. Election 2011 is still brand new, but there is a lot to learn about how the parties see Halifax and Nova Scotia, and what could be in store for the municipality.