HRM District Proposals – the good, the bad, the ugly.

The fat is in the fire now!  People are seeing that downsizing from 23 to 16 councillors will really redefine the representative districts boundaries.  People can see what they will gain, and what they will lose.  Staff quietly put the proposed boundaries for the smaller 16 representative council online late Friday, at quitting time or there abouts. This meant that alert internet nerds (like me) were able to break this story and have a field day dissecting the two proposals before the read more

Open Letter to Mayor and Council

The reduction in Council size is an important decision in the history of our Municipality. It presents an opportunity for Council to take pause and ask of itself and the citizens whether we have the right governance model to move forward together. This conversation should not happen lightly, nor should it be rushed. Our letter got coverage in the Herald today.  I have heard some people may be having some trouble finding it, so I have linked to it here.