OccupyNS Eviction Coverage and Opinion – A Summary

Some reading for those that wish to know more:

Start with Bethany Horne’s excellent summary of issues around the camp.

Read Parker Donham’s summary of a Senseless and Unnecessary Use of Power.  Surf his site for more feedback.

Read and listen to Tim Bousquet’s of the Coast’s interview with Mayor Peter Kelly, and then read Dan Arsenault from the Herald’s interview.  Both show the power and frustration of politico’s slavishly sticking to the talking points.

Finally, we go back to Parker’s site to read Councillor Jennifer Watt’s (surprising to me) support for the actions of Nov 11, then we contrast that with Councillor Linda Mosher distancing herself.

Finally, Openfile has a photo gallery that breaks my heart here.

EDIT: I’m adding Stephen Kimber’s column from today’s Metro Halifax, as it sums up the frustrated amazement I feel about this whole exercise.

EDIT2: I totally ripped this summary idea off from Bethany Horne at Openfile Halifax. Read it and subscribe to their updates!

EDIT3: Paul MacKinnon from the Downtown Business Development Commission suggested I should link to this editorial in the Herald.  He feels it will provide “for more full spectrum” view of the issue.  I like Paul, and I like a lot of reporters at the Herald, they are dedicated and hard working folks.  That said, I find the editorial board of the Herald staunchly status quo supporting, generally unimaginative and often unsympathetic to issues facing citizens outside of the demo of the Herald’s paid readership.  I totally disagree with this Herald editorial, in case you have not guessed.  I wish the Herald editorial board reflected the spirit and views of their reporters, who I think share a broader view of this (and many other) issues.

Big questions remain:  was it voted on, can agenda items be added while in-camera, why was this considered a public security issue (it is a bylaw, not the criminal code) and why did the police move in moments after Remembrance Day ceremonies ended.  And of course, what did the Mayor really know about the timing.

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