Planning and District 7 – get involved!

There are two complimentary planning processes going on right now that will impact the way District 7 changes and grows over the next twenty-five years. One is the five-year review of the Regional Plan, RP+5, and the other is the Centre Plan which applies to peninsular Halifax and Dartmouth inside the circumferential. It is really important that residents take a moment to participate in these processes, either through sending an email, filling in a survey, or attending meetings.  How Halifax read more

What we really need is more ferry service, not less!

HRM Council made the wrong decision when it announced cuts to ferry service when it passed the Metro Transit budget.  We need HRM Council to invest in transit in the core, where it makes sense and has ridership, not cut services to fund expensive rural transit. The decision is being justified using ridership numbers and cost saving numbers that mislead people by not placing the ferry service in context. Cutting the ferry back so it stops at 10:30 instead of read more

April sunshine means meetings, and knocking on doors!

It’s been a busy month both campaigning and academically, with end of term rapidly approaching at my day job and also in the course I am taking this semester at SMU. I’ve been out in the community, knocking on doors, attending meetings and working to get to know more people in the community, and listening to your concerns. Neighbours are concerned about taxes, traffic, and glad to see the Metro Transit strike has ended.  Residents in the district express concerns read more

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