HRM arts funding in crisis

This opinion piece was run the Herald May 26, 2012. Read the full opinion piece in the Chronicle Herald. POST SCRIPT: After this piece was published I was asked to be lead author and opinon wrangler for the Arts Section of the Centre for Policy Alternatives Alternative Budget for HRM.  I have linked to the excerpted arts and culture section here.  This is a great place to start with a new, real cultural plan for HRM. HRM arts funding in crisis May 26, read more

Halifax needs a better budgeting process

Last night I had to wonder: why does HRM spend more time looking for public input when my neighbours want to put a small extension on their house than when it passes a $788 million dollar operating budget? I just got a letter that gives me a couple weeks to comment in case I have an issue with my neighbours’ plans.  This is a lot more time than I had, as a citizen, to read and comment on HRM’s budget. read more

Making Halifax awesome, one project at a time.

On behalf of my friends involved with Awesome Halifax, I’m posting this email here.  This is a great idea, great bunch of people, that really is making Halifax more awesome: Please forward this email to people who may have a great idea, who may want to invest or would like to attend. What: A partnership of Awesome Halifax, the Halifax Chamber of Commerce and The Hub, The Awesome Ideas Market is exactly that…a bustling market of ideas where there are sellers read more