Waye Mason – district wide support

Dear friends,

The feedback is in and it is clear Waye Mason is the candidate to beat in District 7! He is the only candidate with the district wide support required to beat an entrenched incumbent.

Here are just a few of the tweets that followed last night’s forum:

Meredith Bessey ‏@MeredithBessey
@WayeMason has my vote! #hfxpoli #votehrm #d7debate

Sarah B. MacDonald ‏@smackdonna
After the District 7 debate, I spoke briefly with @WayeMason about affordable housing. He has an excellent platform:https://www.wayemason.ca/affordable_housing

J.D. Hutton ‏@JD_Hutton
#D7Debate was great! @wayemason had the clearest vision for students, and most of the candidates are supportive of an LGBTQ community centre

This election comes at a critical time in Halifax’s development. We can’t afford to continue with the status quo. We need change and Waye Mason has the passion, integrity, and new ideas that Halifax needs.

Please visit our website www.wayemason.ca and review our platform. Share our videos on twitter and facebook, and encourage friends to vote. With your support on October 20th Waye Mason will be the next Councillor for District 7.


Nathaniel Smith
Campaign Manager