Snow continues, 20 cms still to fall

A storm started around midnight last night. Residents should be mindful that during a major snow event that the city will focus on keeping main roads open and secondary roads will come later. Again, it is important to note that the service standard for side roads/residential roads is “clear 24 hours AFTER snowfall” so if it snows all night and day, plows are unlikely to hit P2 roads until end of day tomorrow, after work. If snow exceeds the projected read more

PUBLIC MEETING: North Park Intersections

A little editorial before the official note – I am very excited to hear the public feedback on this exciting proposal for North Park Street, I really urge people to come and take part! North Park Intersection Redesign Upcoming Public Engagement Session The intersections at North Park/Cunard/Agricola and North Park/Rainnie/Cogswell need to be upgraded. Neither of these intersections meet national transportation standards and both suffer from aging infrastructure, problematic traffic flow, frequent collisions, and poor connectivity. HRM has been exploring options for the read more

PUBLIC MEETING: Permanent Building At The Oval

Come join the conversation about a permanent building at the Oval As part of the ongoing process to establish the Oval as a year round facility on the north Halifax Common, HRM and DSRA Architecture will be hosting a public consultation session on Wednesday, February 13, from 7-9 pm at the Atlantica Hotel.  Everyone is welcome to participate in an open discussion about the permanent structure at the Oval. The evening will involve a hands-on workshop aimed at generating ideas for the read more

HRM acronyms – alphabet soup exposed

SUP = Strategic Urban Partnership (economic plan coordinating body) GHP = Greater Halifax Partnership (HRM economic development agency) CDAC = community design AC (HRM citizens advisory committee for planning) CPED = community planning economic development SC RP5 = regional plan 5 year review AC = advisory cmte (with citizens) SC = standing cmte (just council)  

Some details on the possible Gorsebrook arena.

I’ve been getting some calls and emails about the possible rink at South Street adjacent to Gorsebrook, today there is an article in the paper.  Here is some more information about this project. It is proposed for the former PMQ lands between Wellington and APSEA, which is currently a parking lot and was slated for an expansion of the IWK that they no longer need.  It will not impact the Gorsebrook park directly – it may impact the APSEA property read more