Update on 1588 Barrington/Khyber Centre for the Arts

The recent termination of lease notice that to the Khyber Centre for the Arts has caused a lot of concern  about the future of arts at 1588 Barrington Street. Last Friday HRM gave notice to the centre, requiring the society to vacate the building by the end of March.  This letter came a month after city staff first started talking to the Khyber about the current asbestos and lead concerns. Asbestos has been an issue in the building for years, read more

Update #12 – Participatory Budgeting 14/15, call 311 for potholes, proposed developments and more

The winter has been a challenging mix of bitter cold, snow, rain and surprisingly nice days! The repeated freeze and thaw has made snow removal, dealing with road ice and repairing potholes a bigger challenge than usual. HRM needs your help – please help and call 311 to report poor road conditions, snow plow damage, pot holes or improperly cleared snow and ice. For information on snow removal standards, please visit wayemason.ca or call my office at 490 7177. My Spring/Winter newsletter read more

Text of HRM committee recommendation to Council regarding Now or Never – an Urgent Call to Action for All Nova Scotians

I think the Now or Never – an Urgent Call to Action for All Nova Scotians, also called the Ivany Report, is going to be, has to be a defining moment for Nova Scotians.  I am really proud of what the Community Planning Economic Development standing committee recommended to Halifax Regional Council today. Here is the text of the motion that was passed unanimously today: Whereas a strong Nova Scotia economy benefits the citizens of HRM, and a strong HRM benefits read more