Urban Core Community Council

I have thought for some time that we need an Urban Core Community Council. We already have three community councils, and every district is in one. I think that the way the community councils were set up in 2012 is wrong because it means the same rural/suburban/urban mix we see on council is also happening on the two community councils for Dartmouth and East and Halifax and West. Here is the opinion I wrote in the Herald, and following that read more

Update #21- Extreme weather shelter, fire, public meetings & more!

Send us your events:  Email Susan at durings@halifax.ca with your District 7 events so we can place them in this newsletter! This edition: click here for news, or here to read about upcoming public hearings or community events. NEWS Shelter and Extreme Weather Over the last year there has been a question in the community about the City’s response to extreme weather and the homeless. Housing is a provincial issue, and shelters are funded by the Province in Nova Scotia.  To read more

Snow Update – January 4 (Overnight parking ban tonight!)

Snow update: The transition to ice pellets and rain will deteriorate driving conditions and will cause surface ice-pack as moisture comes into contact with the frost that is drawn from the ground. Motorists and pedestrians can expect slippery roads and sidewalks, and are urged to limit travel. The overnight winter parking ban will be enforced from 01:00 until 06:00 Monday, ‎January 5th.